When he is expected if he’d getting performing, Shark replied the guy failed to feel they

When he is expected if he’d getting performing, Shark replied the guy failed to feel they

The new “Number” pierced his claws on the Shark’s chest, however, Shark’s good tend to and you can connection to Yuma overcame the benefit of the “Number” and he used it to help you defeat Trey

At the beginning of the country Duel Festival, he fulfilled Yuma, who had been panicking since the the guy didn’t have a heart Bit. When he drove in the future some time further, the guy trapped a tossed “Reflect Force” card, the fresh new credit you to definitely Shark of the his exclude in the Federal Routine, also it turned into Quattro, his opponent in his history expert Duel. Quattro explained he on purpose place his Platform where Shark often see it, discover your disqualified. [41]

Trey told him to save new credit and you will gave him good Cardio Part, sharing which he himself currently had a completed cardio

Quattro and indicated that at the time Shark wasn’t just impacted by the pressure of your Finals, plus because of a pledge the guy made to their cousin who had a major accident and you may europäische Dating-Seiten was hospitalized, thus he had been without difficulty inclined to glance at Quattro’s Deck. Quattro and additionally says you to definitely possibly their sister’s accident wasn’t most a happenstance. Infuriated, Shark needed so you can Duel with him again, however, Quattro informed your to wait with the WDC and you can threw him a center Bit ahead of departing. Shark following decided to participate at all, to find his rematch with Quattro. He fell into the Quattro’s trap once more as Vetrix advised him in order to coerce Shark into doing this new festival. [41]

Just after Kari Tsukumo bought Yuma discover Charlie McCay, the guy read a crowd cheering. Comprehending that it might be an effective Duel, Yuma ran over to get a hold of Shark overcome an unidentified Duelist which have “Submersible Supplier Aero Shark”. Adopting the Duel, Yuma congratulated Shark and you may expected your why he’d made a decision to go into the WDC. Shark told Yuma about Quattro got abused his sibling to your the hospital so you’re able to trick him into the are banged outside of the nationals, and then the guy wants an excellent rematch that have Quattro, however, up coming, he’s going to stop the fresh new WDC. Shark after that advised Yuma to not ever get involved with your and you can next stepped off, vanishing of eyes out-of Yuma and Tori. [44]

For the next day of the WDC, after Quattro beaten Bronk and you can Caswell during the a fight Regal Duel, Shark charged on the city to the their motorbike, inquiring him if the the guy appreciated the face away from his “Primary partner”. [21] Quattro wanted to Duel Shark, however, Trey snared Shark along with his Duel Anchor, preventing the Duel and you will stating that Vetrix’s requests try sheer. Quattro leftover in an affect regarding dust. Regarding the proceeding Duel, Shark requires control of Trey’s “Number” monster, “Matter thirty-two: Shark Drake”. Whenever Shark involved to go away, the guy once again told Yuma not be get involved in him and you will rode regarding. No matter if he was capable endure the fresh “Numbers” by remembering their time with Yuma, Shark still wished his payback up against Quattro for his sis, and this acceptance “Shark Drake” so you can infect Shark having a little trojan (blue regarding the dub) that amplify you to definitely darkness further. Based on Vetrix, it will help these with their propose to use Shark. [45]

When Yuma, Tori, and you can Astral were hoping to find Hart Tenjo, Shark spotted him or her in the highway over her or him and you can avoided. He heard Yuma contacting out to have Kite along with his D-Gazer, making him thinking throughout the disease. [46] Inside the 3rd day of the newest WDC, Shark continued to gather Cardiovascular system Bits and savagely beating of numerous Duelists because the power of “Count thirty two” started initially to use their influence on him, fueling their desire for revenge more. He was confronted with Yuma, whom help Shark simply take his anger out on your inside an effective Duel. Recognizing which, Shark ultimately concerned his senses, to your dark of “Number” disappearing and you will terminated the fresh new Duel. Just before the guy moved of, he told Yuma that they would meet from the finals and you will offered him a grin. [18]